Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.1.3 and 2.5 and ODBC
Author Jorge Andrés Brugger
Firebird ODBC 2.0.149 works fine with Firebird 2.1.x

Maybe you dont know this: Red-Soft, the people behind Red Soft DB, a
Firebird "fork", uses ODBC in their own software, so it´s highly
probable they update their ODBC driver, if needed, and also Firebird
ODBC driver as well.


El 28/05/2010 07:38 p.m., ldykes@... escribió:
> Hello all,
> Our C++ application currently ships as a single-user product, accessing data
> through embedded Firebird. In up-coming releases we will continue to ship
> this configuration, but we also plan to support a network-based, multi-user,
> client-server configuration, using non-embedded Firebird.
> We're currently running Firebird 2.0.4, through the Firebird ODBC API.
> We're considering going to Firebird 2.1.3, or even 2.5. My initial question:
> Does anyone have experience using ODBC with Firebird 2.x (x>0)? My
> minimal testing suggests that it works, but what are the pitfalls, and what
> improvements provided in the newer Firebirds will we be unable to take
> advantage of?
> Another concern is with the fate of Firebird ODBC. Development seems to
> be stalled. Is ODBC going to keep up with Firebird, or are we going to come
> up against some "ceiling"? We've given some consideration to IBPP as an
> alternative, but not much seems to have been happening there either during
> the past three years. Does anyone have info about where these two projects
> are going?
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Lee
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