Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Rights confusion with stored procedures and triggers
Author PenWin
>>> 1) User INTERNET calls procedure INTERNET_INSERT_ROW.
>>> 2) Procedure INTERNET_INSERT_ROW validates data and writes it to SOMETABLE.
>>> 4) LOGTRIGGER_SOMETABLE writes the new record from SOMETABLE to LOGTABLE.
>>> Unfortunately, at step #4 I am getting an error no permission for
>>> insert/write access to TABLE LOGTABLE, and after a number of failed
>>> attempts, I am at a loss what to do.

Interesting. To get a more controllable environment, I created a new
database with just the two tables, one procedure and one trigger. I
granted the rights I needed and tried the sequence above. And to my
great surprise, it worked: user INTERNET can call stored procedure
INTERNET_INSERT_ROW, which will insert a record into SOMETABLE, which
fires the trigger which inserts another record to LOGTABLE.

But I just can't get the same process to work on my "real" database.
What would be the best way of debugging the cause? I know there are
tools which allow step-by-step debugging, but I have my doubts - do they
treat user/procedure/trigger rights the same way as Firebird?