Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Rights confusion with stored procedures and triggers
Author Michael Ludwig
PenWin schrieb am 24.05.2010 um 14:25:45 (+0200):

> Interesting. To get a more controllable environment, I created a new
> database with just the two tables, one procedure and one trigger. I
> granted the rights I needed and tried the sequence above. And to my
> great surprise, it worked: user INTERNET can call stored procedure
> INTERNET_INSERT_ROW, which will insert a record into SOMETABLE, which
> fires the trigger which inserts another record to LOGTABLE.
> But I just can't get the same process to work on my "real" database.

If it doesn't work, how does it fail?

> What would be the best way of debugging the cause?

I would write a script that drops and creates all the objects you need
for your setup so that you only need to call it using INPUT from ISQL to
have everything created. You could then call that on your real database,
taking care, of course, not to delete real data. :-)

Things to consider:

* dependencies and correct sequence of DROP/CREATE
* SHOW GRANT output

Michael Ludwig