Subject Re: [firebird-support] Function typo bug
Author Randall Sell
In our case, "change it" means we re-build the DB from scratch (from an SQL file). Due to dependencies, it cannot be dropped. Well it could be, but it would be a cascading dependency nightmare. It is just simpler at this stage to rebuild from an SQL file.

-randall sell

From: Alan McDonald <alan@...>
Sent: Mon, 24 May, 2010 10:05:58 PM
Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Function typo bug

> Hi,
> After a day's worth of debugging, I've come to the conclusion that this
> is likely a FB bug. If so, let me know where to post it, and I'll stick
> it in its proper place to one day be fixed. Here's the issue:
> Initially, we had a function called GetOccurenceDate. Note that
> Occurrence is misspelt. The function declaration was as follows:
> Date, Integer, Integer
> ENTRY_POINT 'GetOccurenceDate'
> So one would think that fixing this is a no-brainer and just add the
> miss "r". But this causes this function to essentially go into some
> weird limbo-land.
> when I change it, so it reads:
> ENTRY_POINT 'GetOccurrenceDate'

what do you mean by "change it"
I assume you actually DROP it and recreate it?

> and with the appropriate changes to the DLL of course, the new
> GetOccurrenceDate function in the DLL is never called. A break point
> and various OutputDebug confirm this. But if GetOccurrenceDate is
> removed from the DLL entirely, FB complains with a BLR error as you
> would expect.
> FWIW, I test our function by calling it as follows:
> SELECT GET_OCCURRENCE_DATE(Cast('31.12.2010' as Date), 1, 3)
> If the function is actually working, this will produce a date of 2 Feb
> 2011. If it fails, it returns a date back int he 1800s, usually around
> 1858 but not always.
> What is so strange, is that it seems to think the function is valid,
> but it doesn't call it, which explains the dates back from the wild
> wild west!
> My guess is that this problem has something to do with BLR not being
> properly recompiled. The very strange thing is - if I rebuild the DB
> from our initial install script - i can still make it fail.
> So I've decided that this typo is a "feature" and reverted back the
> code, so the Entry Point refer to GetOccurenceDate rather then
> GetOccurrenceDate and all works fine again.
> Now, which FB God would like to know of this bug?
> cheers,
> -randall sell

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