Subject Re: is Firebird the good or wrong choice ?
Author svanderclock
> Vlad's not the only good guy here either. There are others.
> I had a similar problem with monitoring tables. In 2.1.3, if not ALL
> connections are using the same charset (and NOT NONE), then there is a
> transliteration issue and a memory leak dealing with blobs. Dimtry Yemanov
> and a 2.1.4 snapshot was a permanent fix.
> Alan

ouch :( happy that i use the same charset in all connection :)
Dimtry Yemanov, hmm very hard to join or meet this guy, i just know he speak in english with a very strong russian accent :)

yes their are other ... but how many (i thing i have more finger) ? you speak about dimity it's the main developper of the project ... you imagine the "huge" of their task !