Subject Re: is Firebird the good or wrong choice ?
Author svanderclock
Also, i read again what i say, and i say something that was not in my mind ! it's not only because we are a small company that we can not gave money, it's mostly because i don't believe in such model so why i will gave them some credit ?

as you say yourself, the firebird database code is a $ 30 millions value ! so it's mean that you can not spend lower than $ 1 million every years in his developpement... that is a fact ! take as an exemple that if i agree to gave $ 1000 every years (ie: around $ 80 a month), you will need to have 1000 other gracefully "donators" that will gave you the same ! it's look unrealistic objectif! on the other way say it's only $ 80 / month to have for exemple SMP support look much much more realistic ! just "my" idea ...

now you are the chief off course, you do like you want is good, but i depend of your decision as we are relly involved in firebird... I cross my fingers that vlad or dmitry will not suddenly decide to pass their time in some other project ...

--- In, "svanderclock" <svanderclock@...> wrote:
> > This part of your post really upset me
> > you are telling that firebird should be own by a company and became
> > close source ?
> YES ! firebird gave you 30 millions dollars database code and it's not with few volonters and few thousands euros by years you will maintain it ! but again this is my opinion, like in politic, everyone can have different opinion ...
> > I really don't think that it would solved anything
> > By the way, you are complaining about the lake of ressources for
> > Firebird, but did you considered one day to become a sponsors ?
> > I don't see your company in the sponsors list, am I wrong ?
> >
> > sorry to be rude, but your post lead to this
> you are not rude you are right ... but we are not yet a profitable company, not yet profitable to spend money we want to spend to support firebird ... :(