Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: is Firebird the good or wrong choice ?
Author Alan McDonald
> > You thought that your application is full of errors and because of
> this
> > database is corrupt?
> > Just a hint!
> not sure to understand what yu mean, but if you mean that our
> application is buggy and this why the database is corrupt i answer what
> this @#&% ! ( sorry helene, but at less now i have encoded the bad word
> ;) ? even if our application was full of errors, why index can be
> corrupted? why the database himself can be corrupted ? why the firebird
> server can Crash ? why the Firebird server can freeze ? as you know
> probably application not discuss directly with firebird but with
> fbclient.dll API ! so no application full of errors can crash an
> server...
> also this what i don't like, i soon as we say something is wrong in the
> engine, most of the time the simple answer we receive is that it's
> because of us (your application is buggy, you do something wrong, your
> misunderstanding, etc..) ... even philipe in some past time suggest us
> to go in some NoSQL database ! cold in the back when we know who is
> phillipe :(
> just a hint
> stephane
I'm not going to tell you it's your application's fault.
But I can say that I have one system which has a 5Gb Firebird database on 4
servers which replicate to each other. They are all used 24x7 for a call
centre up to 30 simultaneous users (multiple connections for each) and the
phones can run red hot at times. The databases log themselves so data grows
quite rapidly (IBLogManager) and then I export and expunge logs to external
DB every 6 months.
144 tables, 45 views. 624 triggers 113 generators 347 indices.
The system runs on windows server 2003.
FB version 2.1.4 snapshot to avoid blob transliteration and memory loss bug
I monitor the 4 servers with Sinatica.
The system has been running in this form for 5 years and a lesser form since

And: I do not suffer the issues you are relating here. So there must be
something, which produces your frustration, which should be able to be
eliminated. If you are patient enough and thorough enough, here, the issue
could be resolved.
I am more than happy with performance and stability of Firebird. My clients
have never had reason to question its choice.

I certainly do not suffer crashes and server freezes as you report so what
could be the reason for my success and your frustration? Do you want to get
to the bottom of this rationally?