Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: is Firebird the good or wrong choice ?
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As some one impartial. who just watches this list, here is a point of view in regard:
>> also this what i don't like,

..Most the questions you posted on this list at the start, were definite RTM questions, posted on to this list to save the time of RTM. This does suggest to me that the software on your part may suffer the same issues. This is not defence of FB though.
For me switching from IB, MSSQL to Oracle, MySql, PostgreSql to FB a lot of knowledge is transferrable. The special tricks may not be. From the questions asked I would gauge your knowledge was not high of databases. This would affect how you design your software. I have not seen any major FB issues in 5 years, but the system I have is small. The main database issues I have seen are software related, entering extra information, not clearing transactions. Last summer we lost one of our main servers due to an age old bug that crept up in the sotware posting bad data, leading to index failure. Well, I am sure of it, change of software fixed issue. Though I did take the downtime to move to a new release of Database.
I would also add that the longer in software writing, the more likely to RTM before posting. This again points to Software knowhow.
By the way, your questions have become more interesting and I have learnt more recently from the answers. Keep posting.


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> You thought that your application is full of errors and because of
> this database is corrupt?
> Just a hint!

not sure to understand what yu mean, but if you mean that our application is buggy and this why the database is corrupt i answer what this @#&% ! ( sorry helene, but at less now i have encoded the bad word ;) ? even if our application was full of errors, why index can be corrupted? why the database himself can be corrupted ? why the firebird server can Crash ? why the Firebird server can freeze ? as you know probably application not discuss directly with firebird but with fbclient.dll API ! so no application full of errors can crash an server...

also this what i don't like, i soon as we say something is wrong in the engine, most of the time the simple answer we receive is that it's because of us (your application is buggy, you do something wrong, your misunderstanding, etc..) ... even philipe in some past time suggest us to go in some NoSQL database ! cold in the back when we know who is phillipe :(

just a hint



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