Subject RE: [firebird-support] fb_inet_server processes slowing down 2.1.3 CS (OpenSuse 10.2 64 bit)
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>Today we got a call from one of our customers telling us that our
>application responds very slow to their input.
>I told them to close the application on all clients and after this made
>a proove with a select from
>MON$ATTACHMENTS, where I just found one line with the current connection.
>I made a select on this database, which needed 50 secs, and then
>executed the same select on a copy
>of the same database (which we make every night), which just needed 5 secs!
>I took a look at the running processes and found 11 fb_inet_server
>processes running.
>After killing all of theses processes, the select needed the same 5 secs
>in both databases.

Do the database statistics say anything about transaction gap? (Next transation, oldest transaction, oldest active transaction...) Are there lots of updates/deletes in your system or mostly inserts and selects?