Subject Re: [firebird-support] fb_inet_server processes slowing down 2.1.3 CS (OpenSuse 10.2 64 bit)
Author Stefan Sinne
I haven't read this information when the performance was down.

I am now writing a script that will collect database information and
system information
and want to run this script every minute. I hope that making a select
from the three tables
will not have a big impact on database performance?

Or should I better use 'gstat -h' to see the transaction info instead of
a select from MON$DATABASE?


Svein Erling Tysvær escribió:
> Do the database statistics say anything about transaction gap? (Next
> transation, oldest transaction, oldest active transaction...) Are
> there lots of updates/deletes in your system or mostly inserts and
> selects?
> Set