Subject Bug in errmsg?
Author Kjell Rilbe

This is for Firebird WI-V2.1.1.17910.

I have a DB with default charset UTF8 and all char/varchar columns are UTF8.

I have a table like this:
create table "T" ("X" varchar(2))

Then I try to reduce this column to 1 char, like this:
alter table "T" alter "X" type varchar(1);

This yields an error message like this:

Engine Code : 335544351
Engine Message :
unsuccessful metadata update
New size specified for column Till must be at least 8 characters.

Note the specified min length: 8. It should say 2!

I suspect that FB fails to recognize that for UTF8 it reserves 4
byte/char and so the existing varchar(2) is 8 bytes wide, but only 2
chars wide.

The SQL is executed from FlameRobin, which uses ibpp.

Can someone confirm this, and if so, should I report it as a bug?

Kjell Rilbe
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