Subject Firebird 2.1.1 and Global Temporary Tables
Author Edward Mendez
We have 2 firebird Databases running on 2 linux servers.

One DB Server (DevDB) is running Firebird Classic Version 2.1.0 RC1

The Other DB Server (ProdDB) is running Firebird Classic Version 2.1.1

On the DevDB we have implemented Global Temporary Tables (GTT) and it is
working fine with the exception that the Operating system files created to
store the GTTs is not cleaned up. We have set up a cron job to take care of
this. And I'm sure that a future release will have the cleanup working.

The issue is with ProdDB.

On ProdDB we have implemented GTTs, but the Operating System files are not
getting created at all. We have run the Queries in IbExpert and the
Performance Analysis shows that GTT is being populated. The GTT was created
as "On Commit Delete Rows".

What I did as the query was running I ran an lsof from Linux which so the
open files and I get the following;

[root@tdsdb001 init.d]# lsof | grep fb_t

fb_inet_s 7508 root 5u REG 253,2 131072
65830917 /tellidata/db/tmp/fb_table_tIDBVP (deleted)

fb_inet_s 9920 root 5u REG 253,2 76578816
65830918 /tellidata/db/tmp/fb_table_cNfBac (deleted)

fb_inet_s 13965 root 5u REG 253,2 38830080
65830914 /tellidata/db/tmp/fb_table_1w7L2p (deleted)

fb_inet_s 19535 root 5u REG 253,2 33587200
65830915 /tellidata/db/tmp/fb_table_GH3BX9 (deleted)

fb_inet_s 26013 root 5u REG 253,2 25198592
65830916 /tellidata/db/tmp/fb_table_pLvJ5a (deleted)

But when I do an ls on the directory I do not see the files.

The environment variable seems to be set correctly;

[root@tdsdb001 xinetd.d]# cat firebird

# default: on

# description: FirebirdSQL server


# Be careful when commenting out entries in this file. Active key entry

# be the first as some scripts ( in particular) use sed

# scripting to modify it.

service gds_db


disable = no

flags = REUSE

socket_type = stream

no_access =

wait = no

user = root

env = FIREBIRD_TMP=/tellidata/db/tmp

# These lines cause problems with Windows XP SP2 clients

# using default firewall configuration (SF#1065511)

# log_on_success += USERID

# log_on_failure += USERID

server = /opt/firebird/bin/fb_inet_server


[root@tdsdb001 xinetd.d]#

Any help is appreciated.

Thank You,

Ed Mendez

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