Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.1.1 and Global Temporary Tables
Author Dimitry Sibiryakov
08.03.2010 17:33, Edward Mendez wrote:
> The issue is with ProdDB.
> On ProdDB we have implemented GTTs, but the Operating System files are not
> getting created at all. We have run the Queries in IbExpert and the
> Performance Analysis shows that GTT is being populated. The GTT was created
> as "On Commit Delete Rows".
> fb_inet_s 7508 root 5u REG 253,2 131072
> 65830917 /tellidata/db/tmp/fb_table_tIDBVP (deleted)
> But when I do an ls on the directory I do not see the files.
> Any help is appreciated.

But what's the problem? Files for GTT are created pre-deleted for
security reason.