Subject rfunc library, firebird and windows server 2008 x64
Author zendruu
Hi people!

First of all, sorry for my bad english :-)

I am using rfunc.dll external library and Firebird 2.0 server on two machines. One of them is working perfectly in the last past years with a 32 bit operating system (win xp). The company bought a new server with windows server 2008 which is 64 bit OS. I installed everything like on the other machine. Copied our database to it. If i open a connection to the firebird server trough IBExpert everything looks fine.
And now my problem: If i try to use any of the functions contained in rfunc i get this message like now for LTRIM:
"Invalid token. Invalid request BLR at offset 65. function LTRIM is not defined. module name or entrypoint could not be found. "
rfunc.dll is copied to fbserver/UDF directory,also to bin directory. I have installed 32 bit version from every component.
So now i am stuck,have no idea how to solve this. Please help me if you have any ideas! :-)