Subject Re: [firebird-support] gfix -mend
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:28 AM 3/03/2010, you wrote:
>"The mend option on gfix can be dangerous - it can lose data - sometimes
>lots of data. Use it *only* if you've got a corruption that prevents a
>backup and restore and when losing some data is preferable to losing
>everything. "
>written by Paul Beach in September 2000 at:
>I always run gfix -mend before gbak...
>/I would like to know if it can be dangerous at firebird 2.0.X ?

Yes. Don't do this! -mend has no place in your regular backup routine.

Its purpose is to disable bad structures that have been flagged by a preceding validation, i.e., -mend is a tool that is used in association with other tools during a recovery attempt, to clean up. Once the final step of this procedure is done (a final gbak -b), anything that gfix -mend has done is gone without trace.

But I'm curious as to why you thought you had to do it.