Subject 32bit or 64bit windows?
Author Lester Caine
All of my Linux installations have been AMD64 for some time, and while there is
no proof, things are generally stable and fast.

The windows machines tend to be 32bit since they have W2k on, but I have just
installed a system with a 64bit version of XP. I've got 64 bit Apache and PHP
running on this along with the 64 bit build of Firebird. The question is - "Is
there actually any point?" ;) It is being claimed that 64 bit builds actually
run slower, but with a fast machine running this setup, comparisons are
difficult to make.

In the case of Firebird. Anybody got any real comparisons? I've hit a little
snag in that I can't ACTUALLY build a 64 bit version of a legacy UDF, which I
have on the 64 bit Linux boxes, and as a 32bit build on windows. So I am just
trying to decide if the effort to get that UDF compiled is worth it, or should I
just install a 32bit version of Firebird and have done with it for now?

Of cause if someone with a working 64bit compiler could just process my silly
little UDF ......

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