Subject Mismatch of Errorcode and Errormessage
Author Björn Latte
I'm experiencing a strange mismatch between errorcode and errormessage.

This happens on clients on Windows XP connecting against FB 2.0.5 CS on Windows 2003. The application uses IBObjects for handling the connection layer.

The two combinations found sofar are:

1) ISC: 335544648 Message: Attempt to reclose a closed cursor

According to documentation ( this should either be the errorcode: 335544577 for the message displayed or the message: Connection lost to PIPE server for the errorcode.

2) ISC: 334455727 Message: Error reading data from the connection

According to documentation this should be either errorcode: 726 or errormessage: Error writing data to the connection.

What could be the source of this mismatch?

I allready checked the fbclient.dll /gds32.dll versions and der fb_inet_server version they do match.

Tanks and best regards
Bjoern Latte

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