Subject Licens control - how do you do it?
Author mivi71dk

This question is not related to firebird, but I'll ask anyway.
Until version 2.x of Firebird we controlled licenses to our program by fetching all connected users.
If there where more connected users than the customer payed for, he could not start the program.

But the latest security update prevents me from getting the connected users unless Im SYSDBA.
So as of now we have no control.

One of my colleques suggests that we just create a table in the DB set a entry to either active og inactive.
This way we can control it.
The flaw here is, that if the program terminates unexpectly the program will be seen as active.

I dont think this is the best solution.
But I wounder how do you control licenses if you dont not use SYSDBA and doesn't want to modify security2 DB?