Subject Communication with FB server became 5 times slower
Author Mr. John
Hi. I have a problem and I don't know how to solve it.On a Win 2003 server communication with FB became 5 times slower even on an empty database,all tests on the local machine,my application is written in .NET and for 7 months worked fine but for couple days all goes wrong :(
The wind 2003 server admin said there is another .NET application that works with SQL Server and there is no problem,that application is also there for 7 months and was no conflicts.
I scanned the server for viruses,nothing found,turned firewall off,moved data to another partition,no luck :(.
I also copy all data and application to my personal computer and it works fine,so i think it is not a database problem.
Firebird version is 2.1.3 (Firebird- application freeze for 5-7 seconds when run a simple
"SELECT * FROM mydb_users " there are 20 records in that table.

Thanks for any suggestion !

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