Subject Problems with transactions
Author tilstedk
Hi all
I have a weird problem.
I'm having a Firebird 2.1.3 classic server placed on a virtual W2K3 64-bit Windows server (SAN Disc) with about 500 connections to it. Database size is around 10Gb.
Suddenly today the database stopped sweeping. The interval has for years been set to 0 due to some automatic cleaning im doing every night.
Now i cant sweep the database. nor when using GFIX -sweep command.
The difference between oldest transaction and Next transaction is now just growing rapidly causing very poor performance.
The next i could do is backup/restore, but there must be a way of cleaning up the database without doing this or finding at least the cause.
I have Sinatica monitor installed, but and under transactions I can see some "stuck Transactions" but don't if it means anything.
Any ideas outthere for how i can proceed without backup/restore?
Thanks guys