Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Problem with TMemoField and ISO8859_1 charset blob field in RAD Studio XE / IBX
Author Frank Schlottmann-Gödde
On 23.12.2010 03:17, ipai1 wrote:

> Thanks again, Woody!
> Looks like it's definitely a Delphi issue rather than a Firebird one.
> Setting the lc_type parameter to UTF8 (or anything else, for that
> matter) had no effect.
> On further investigation, I managed to narrow the problem down to a
> TClientDataSet creating a TMemoField instead of a TWideMemoField. One
> would have thought that the TMemoField would be correct for
> non-unicode data, but the TIBQuery feeding the TClientDataset has a
> TWideMemoField and displays the data correctly.
> I have reported this to Embarcadero at:
> I am not sure whether this is an IBX or a ClientDataSet issue, but
> Firebird itself would appear not to be the culprit. Sorry to take up
> forum space with this one - the ball is now in Embarcadero's court.

Well I fear the answer will always be similar to:

If you need full support for Firebird you should consider another
connection library.
Maybe this thread if also of interest:

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