Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Identity
Author Lester Caine
Michael Ludwig wrote:
>> Even if you could use DDL templates, maintaining 100+ triggers just
>> > for the purpose of auto incrementing keys is not efficient.
> Looks like you missed the point. I'm talking about one template which
> I'd have to "maintain". And wow, I can see big maintenance clouds
> gathering on the horizon.:-)

Of cause it depends on HOW you manage things. Flamerobin will create all the
bits you need when manually building a new database, and my own applications are
now PHP based, and ADOdb's management tools again automatically convert 'AUTO'
to the method relevant to target database. BUT even here it's a LOT easier to
simulate generator/sequence on thouse databases that don't provide this
essential construct than trying to work with something that is added after the
data is stored ... but as with many less than ideal methods, Firebird will be
providing it at some point. We just don't have to use it ;)

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