Subject Embedded and FreeAdHocUDF
Author Alan McDonald
I have no problem installing and running the full server version 1.5, 2.1x
and 2.5 on Win2000, XP server2003, server2008

I have no problem using the FreeAdHocUDF library in all these environments
also in random combinations.

But trying to get the embedded version working with FreeAdHocUDF is proving
almost impossible except for Win Server2000.

The error message popping up varies across platforms (missing fbclient,
missing msvcrt80.dll, and r6034 invalid attempt to load runtime library) but
the Eurekalog is always the same:

invalid request BLR at offset 4

function F_XXXX is not defined

module name or entrypoint could not be found

The FreeADHocUDF website (in German) talks about necessary additional files
replacing/in addition to the standard icuXXX.dll files.

I've tried every combination under the sun of adding the files, renaming
them removing the standard files etc etc with no win as yet.

In each case, the machine I test is quite OK running against remote servers
of different versions, but switching to the embedded server only works
satisfactorily on WinServer2000 (and that's with the addition of gdiplus.dll
in the application directory).

I have ensured that the C runtime libs are installed via the msi file and
reboots of course.

Can anyone give me some clear instructions on how to get the embedded
version running with the FreeAdHocUDF lib?



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