Subject FB server hangs during backup
Author christianmasberg
Hi there!
I am new to this forum and am seeking for help for a special problem.

I am using a FB 2.1.1 Classic server on a windows 2003 server machine providing the database for a single application used by up to 50 user simultaneously. I use Classic server because the server is a multi-processor machine.
Furthermore I use a small application called FIBS, which is a backup scheduler that uses the firebird-own gback.exe to do scheduled backups. It runs every 30 minutes on two individual machines to backup the data that is permanently inserted by the users. The DB itself is only around 700 MBs, the process takes just two or three minutes and there are no noticible performance losses due to this.

Approx. every 1000 backups it occurs that the server and all related clients hang. Only a restart of the physical server (restart of firebird service has no effect) solves the problem.
When looking at the task manager one sees the normal user processes plus numerous other processes, that ressemble the original firebird server process in size. Inother words there are up to 50 extra processes with sizes between 4.444 and 4.456 K.

The stillstands occur only at the times when a scheduled backup takes place. The respective log of the FIBS service misses this entry, also the Firebird log has no related entries.

Has anyone experienced a comparable problem? We are changing the backup software, but in the end the application only uses the firebird own gback.exe, which cannot be changed.
What could be the cause for this?

I would very much appreciate an answer.

Kind regards