Subject Re: [firebird-support] Extract email addresses from blob via LIST and SIMILAR TO
Author Roberto Carlos
Is there any way (function, procedure, UDF, etc) in Firebird, Delphi, PHP or Java to extract email addresses from a long text?

Thanks to all kind of help.

Roberto Carlos

Em 06/12/2010 15:30, Roberto Carlos < rc.1990@... > escreveu:

> In Firebird 2.5, I have a blob sub_type text field that have very large text containing many email addresses.
> For example:
> 'aaa bbb ccc. ddd eee fff ggg@..., hhh iii jjj@.... Kkk lll mmm@...; nnn'
> How could I use LIST and SIMILAR TO to extract many email addresses form this blob field?
> Thanks to all kind of help.