Subject Firebird RAID Windows Server 2008 R2
Author Maarten Klerk
Hi all,

Does anyone have a suggestion to solve the following problem?

We are running Windows Server 2008 R2 on a brand new Dell PowerEdge
with 4 cores and a RAID contoller system, with 2 harddisks.

On top of it we run an application server and a firebird server (2.1,

In this configuration Firebird seems to be very slow. It really slows
down our whole application. It seems to be caused by the combination
of firebird and a RAID controller. (I googled it). I would like to
prove that this is the problem in our case as well.

We did the following test in order to narrow down the problem. It was
done by means of IBExpert and SQL Server Management console.

In IBExpert we created the following tables:
TESTTBL and CLONE, created a before insert trigger on testtbl
Filled CLONE with 15000 records
Run ‘insert into testtbl select * from clone;’

We ‘ve got the following results:


Laptop 1: 3 seconds
Laptop 2: 1,7 second
Server: 5 seconds

We did the same test on SQL Server Express (just to have a comparison).

SQLServer Express:
Laptop 1: 520 ms
Laptop 2: 400 ms
Server: : 400 ms

Can anyone from the firebird community help me to explain the
differences and explain what might be wrong in the configuration?

How is the firebird driver behaving with respect to keeping files open?

Thanks in advance!

Maarten Klerk