Subject Re: [firebird-support] unavailable database error
Author Ann W. Harrison
On 12/2/2010 8:55 AM, sajiimec wrote:
> I developed some little aplication program using delphi 7 and database using firebird 2.1.1, OS Windows XP Everything run well say :
> 1. "Farmacy Aplication" and database "farmacy.gdb"
> 2. "asset Applicaton" and database "aset.gdb"
> Database administrator using IBAdmin3, and simultaneously also using Flame Robin 0.9.3
> Due to any failure of Delphi 7 , I reinstalled Delphi 7 and unconsiuously also installed Interbase. After that All my aplication mention above failed to be run with error message "unavailable database".
> So, I uninstalled Interbase, IBADmin3 and also Firebird and removed both folders, and shut down windows, then reinstalled firebird, and IBAdmin3.
> The result were :
> a. both farmacy.gdb and aset.gdb unable to be registered to IBADmin3 with error message "unavailable database", but both database can be registered and open normally using Flame Robin.
> b. Farmacy aplication can be run through its icon, but Asset aplication failed to be run with error message "Unavailable database"
> c. On Its' Delphi Datamodule at design time, Both IBDatabase on its Datamodule can't be connected to farmacy.GDB nor Asset.GDB with error message "unavailable Database".
> Please help me what should I do for these strange errors ?

There's something left on your system from the Interbase installation
that's causing IBADmin3 to try to connect to an Interbase server.
Maybe in the registry? Maybe an environmental variable? How did
you uninstall Interbase?

Good luck,