Subject RE: [firebird-support] incremental backups, wenn the SQL Firebird is running - Email found in subject - Email found in subject
Author Leyne, Sean
> Leyne, Sean wrote:
> > Further, given the "careful write" design of the Firebird operations, a
> backup which 'catches' a database update operation mid-completion will still
> be valid (though with an incomplete transaction) upon restore -- just as if a
> server lost power in mid-operation.
> >
> > So, pending on your expectations for the state of the database following a
> restore, there is no problem with using any VSS based backup software.
> BUT would you want to rely on the state that the snapshot is in? Surely it
> WILL not necessarily be in a state which you have some control over?
> Makeing a controlled backup of the live data which you know the satte when
> it was made has to be much controllable?

Given that Firebird databases survives power loss with no corruption, a VSS based backup is as good as a gbak/nbackup backup.

Would I still schedule a full database backup on a nightly basis? Definitely!

But to come back to the original question, is there any danger of running a VSS database while Firebird database is running? Absolutely none!