Subject Re: [firebird-support] incremental backups, wenn the SQL Firebird is running - Email found in subject - Email found in subject
Author Lester Caine
Leyne, Sean wrote:
>> Leyne, Sean wrote:
>>> Further, given the "careful write" design of the Firebird operations, a
>> backup which 'catches' a database update operation mid-completion will still
>> be valid (though with an incomplete transaction) upon restore -- just as if a
>> server lost power in mid-operation.
>>> So, pending on your expectations for the state of the database following a
>> restore, there is no problem with using any VSS based backup software.
>> BUT would you want to rely on the state that the snapshot is in? Surely it
>> WILL not necessarily be in a state which you have some control over?
>> Makeing a controlled backup of the live data which you know the satte when
>> it was made has to be much controllable?
> Given that Firebird databases survives power loss with no corruption, a VSS based backup is as good as a gbak/nbackup backup.
> Would I still schedule a full database backup on a nightly basis? Definitely!
> But to come back to the original question, is there any danger of running a VSS database while Firebird database is running? Absolutely none!

I stand corrected, although I certainly would not look to that as the normal
method of backing up live data ;)

In any case my customers are now getting so annoyed with Windows on servers that
many of them have let me fit Linux boxes for Firebird and Apache and are now
porting some of their other applications over to those servers ;)

Is there any real reason why a backup that takes 2 or 3 minutes on a box running
windows takes 20 seconds on a linux on the same hardware? I've wiped a couple of
quad core machines and reinstalled them with SUSE linux and the restore is
always considerably faster on the linux box :) A full backup and rsync to
another machine is far faster than the same operation on windows ...

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