Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird 2.5 slow script
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Ricardo Uzcategui wrote:

> i remember when you put more that 255 ddl changes in any firebird database,
> this file can be corrupted. the solution is backup and restore before make
> up to 255 ddl changes.

IIRC, nothing gets corrupted, but once the counter is at 255 for a certain
table, you can't commit any *additional* metadata changes *on that table*.
A backup-restore cycle resets the counter to 0.

Notice that this counter is not database-wide, but per table (and possibly
also other objects, I'm too lazy to look that up now).

Also notice that the table keeps functioning fine even with the counter
at 255. You can enter, modify and delete data to your heart's content.
You just can't change the metadata (the table structure) unless you back
up and restore first.

Paul Vinkenoog