Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird 2.5 slow script
Author Ricardo Uzcategui
i remember when you put more that 255 ddl changes in any firebird database,
this file can be corrupted. the solution is backup and restore before make
up to 255 ddl changes.

On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 2:24 PM, jegazarco <jegazarco@...> wrote:

> Hello, i think there is a problem with fb 2.5 when creating databases from
> scripts.
> I have backed up and restored the database that has a slow compiling time
> of stored procedures. After backup and restore, the compiling time is fine.
> Then there is a problem in fb 2.5 when creating a database from script that
> slowdown the time for compiling stored procedures. i think that may be a
> problem with system indexes as someone pointed. It is reported in the
> tracker.
> Regards, Jesus.


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