Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Documentation
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:04 AM 22/11/2010, capecodgysgt wrote:
>I've been reading the firebird documentation and a lot of references say, "Available in: DSQL ESQL PSQL".
>I can't find a reference to these acronyms. What are DSQL

Dynamic SQL, that is, any SQL statements that are called through the API.


Embedded SQL, a superset of Firebird (or rather, old InterBase SQL) language that can be used embed SQL statements in C code for pre-compiling into C by the gpre utility. It is also sometimes referred to as "static SQL". It is largely abandoned in Firebird.

>, and PSQL?

Procedural SQL, the language set that is available for writing stored procedures, triggers and, latterly, blocks of code that the engine can execute dynamically via EXECUTE BLOCK.

>Where can I learn more about them?

Language Reference and updates, see the Documentation Index at the Firebird web site. Start with the InterBase 6 LangRef.pdf and work your way forward through the update docs.

Tip: Embedded SQL has its own (old) IB6 manual, named EmbedSQL.pdf. Although ESQL doesn't have much relevance to Firebird, that manual is better written than the other manuals in the IB6 set and contains quite a lot of useful information, not specific to ESQL, that is not documented elsewhere.