Subject Firebird 2.0 - cannot attach to password database
Author martin.wollner

I have installed the Firebird 2.0 database on a Debian System (via apt-get). Nothing is changed - everything is like at the second after install.

The problem now is, that everytime I try to connect I receive the error message "cannot attach to password database"

So far as I know, you receive this message if you are using an old database format (security.fdb has changed to security2.fdb from version 1.5 to 2.0).
So my question - why do I get this error message? I never had version 1.5 or earlier. Firebird 2.0 is the first installation of firebird on this system...

I found 3 databases in the directory:

So it seems like there is the old one, but how can this be? Does the 2.0 installation deliver the old database?

And how can I get/upgrade the old one to the new one?

Thank you for your help

Best Regards

Martin Wollner