Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: why does our firebird servers process list look like this
Author Mark Rotteveel
> SAP are saying that the amount of connections created in this connection
> pool is something done by the ODBC driver on the infoview server and not
> something determined by the Business objects server. Is it possible to
> configure the firebird ODBC driver to make less connections in the connection
> pool or is it something built into the code of the driver? I had a look at
> the ODBC settings for the firebird driver and it doesn't look like anything
> like that can be configured.

I don't know enough about InfoView, but I would say this is nonsense. JDBC datasources are almost always using pooling, and some googling shows that InfoView normally does use connection pooling.

As far as I know the Firebird ODBC driver does not use pooling at all (BTW: why are you using ODBC, and not the Jaybird JDBC driver?).

But even then: why do you consider this to be a problem?
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