Subject gbak hangs at end of backup?
Author Kjell Rilbe

Yesterday I started a gbak backup from FlameRobin. The DB file is over
40 gigabyte, and a couple of tables have over 100 million records.

Now, it's still not finished after over 10 hours. Odd. I switched on
FR's log view, which ends like this:

gbak:writing constraint INTEG_1469
gbak:writing constraint IX_PK_ITmiljöPrimärtAfPHB
gbak:writing constraint INTEG_1470

And nothing is happening! It seems to be stuck there.

Any ideas what might be the cause? How to get it to finish?

Is it possible that my concurrent import job is blocking gbak somehow?
(Shouldn't be possible, right?)

Kjell Rilbe
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