Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database in use after disconnect and close
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning Wesly,

> I am using delphi+fibplus component to create a firebird database during run time. After created the database, run script to create a single table and insert some records of data then disconnect and close it.
Did you commit?

> After disconnect, I execute gfix command in my application to set the database mode to read only but system prompt for database in use.
Does your application definitely disconnect?

> How to "totally close the database" in run time ??
See for gfix
details. Note that pre Firebird 2 is at the top and a separate section
exists for Firebird 2 onwards.

However, to shut the database down:

gfix -shut multi -attach 0 database_name_or_alias

This allows multiple maintenance sessions from SYSDBA or the owner of
the database, but no-one else.


gfix -shut single -attach 0 database_name_or_alias

This allows only one maintenance session in total, which can be from
SYSDBA or the owner of the database.


gfix -shut full -attach 0 database_name_or_alias

No sessions are allowed, the database is down and unavailable.



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