Subject Firebird 2.5 embedded and IIS??
Author mikes_my_bud
Hello all,

I have been using / testing Firebird as a deployed back end to a small
set of our company's web services and have been very pleased with it.
Unfortunately, I have had to deploy it as a completely separate service.
My goal is to have the ability to deploy an embedded database that runs
in-process with IIS.

Previous versions of Firebird have prevented this (see\
ed-firebird-in-aspnet.html). I am hopefully optimistic that the release
statement regarding the embedded server has resolved the greater worker
process recycling issue.
"The embedded libraries— on POSIX and
fbembed.dll on Windows—are now multi-thread-capable and
thread-safe, so they can be used in multi-threaded applications."
Is it possible that this could now allow IIS to continue working through

FYI - I have worked around the first issue in the previous document - I
had to (unfortunately) copy the fbembed and icu* libraries to my
/system32 directory. If I was not using UTF8, I think I could have
gotten away with just putting the fbembed.dll into my web app's /bin
folder and used the ClientLibrary parameter.


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