Subject Re: [firebird-support] Rebuilding primary key index?
Author Kjell Rilbe
Leyne, Sean skriver:
> > Apparently it's not possible to deactivate a primary key index. Seems
> > reasonable. So, how do I rebuild it?
> Why do you need to rebuild it?

I thought these indexes could become unbalanced, just like any other
index. Is this not true? I can seee that they would have fixed
selectivity, but that is not the same as "always balanced" is it?

> Unlike user indexes, primary key indexes have a fixed selectivity which
> means that they never become "unbalanced" -- so they never need to be
> re-indexed.

OK. Interesting. I'm tempted to ask how that works, but I don't really
need to know. :-)

> You should be able to test for uniqueness using a simple SQL statement,
> without have to use constraints.

Yes, but I'm using an OO framework so it's a bit complicated.

But you didn't ask my main question: what would you recommend that I do
with the indexes after importing this rather huge amount of data,
starting with a completely empty database?

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