Subject Re: Developping a litle program with FB
Author it_solves
Thx again and I'll stop here, I'm going to migrate to the tools ml.
Now only some little philosophical concern of your message.

> >I know. The problem is that there are lists on specific programming language, but not about choosing the right one for FB for a light and quick development of a very simple application by a low skilled FB and "whatlanguage?" programmer :-)
> Why do you even think there is a "right one"?

You're right, the world's matters aren't formal and plain logic, but we try to simplify them so that we can decide. "right one" is too much hard, what about the best fit, given my specifications and my skills?

> Firebird just sits there, waiting for requests from client programs. It is entirely up to *you* which language you use to write your client program. Firebird doesn't know, doesn't care.

It is, FB is useless? It sits there, empty and miserable, alone?
Does a melody exist if nobody can hear it?

> >> You'll need to have an idea of which programming language you want to use. That will determine what development tools and drivers you need to explore.
> >
> >I think that that's not correct, it is, you should use the language that best matches your requirements and skills.
> Isn't that what I was saying?

If so, we're saying the same things, but I'd prefer to choose from fewer languages and tools, eliminating first which ones don't match my requirements.

> In any case, it's up to you whether you write a simple program or a complex one.

No, it's in the reality. It is, if I have few attributes of few entity and few relationship between them, then if I'd write a complex program I'd be a bad human being at least as a programmer.

> So *you* have to decide what programming languages you can do and look at the drivers for those languages.

I have to choose a language easy and quick to program for easy things, that work well with FB.