Subject Developping a litle program with FB
Author it_solves

Sorry if the question is already replied, but I don't have found it and also sorry because I read that "Questions that pertain to the use of third-party client development tools, e.g. Delphi, Java, PHP, Python, ODBC, .NET, etc., are not welcome. There are dedicated lists for these questions.", but I don't know which development tool use for a little program (dog's anagraph). I never developed with FB, I know a bit SQL, other DB like MySQL and a bit of programming languages. I think that the program should be really simple, it is, it has to manage dog's anagraph, owners and they relationships, vaccinations and dogs identifiers.

I'm here to ask what do you think could be better to develop a little program to accomplish such task. Now it is already working with FB 1.5, we'd like to rewrite it with a new interface using the data already recorded and maybe with a newer FB release, which language and which tools do you suggest to use?
Open Source and cross platform would be the best, but also free as a beer could do the job.

Thx to the replying people and regards to everyone,