Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Developping a litle program with FB
Author André Knappstein, Controlling
Okay, nobody can really help you here and you did not find another
newsgroup to re-post it.
Without explaining the reasons for too long, I will recommend the
following to you, if you promise to move further questions to the
tools NG.
Language/IDE: C# Express
- Tons of documentation for every level of skill
- broad user and developer base
- option to do Q&D development if clean multi-tier is not required
(drag-and-drop tables to a form and let it "run")

You can use that with Firebird, but if your experience is not too big
so far, you better access it via ODBC, _NOT_ with the .net provider.
.net provider for FB is very good, but installing the DDEX components
to "drag-drop-run" your tables might be a bit too complex for an
absolute beginner in .net.



~~~Ihre Nachricht~~~

>> Your question is not answerable.

i> I don't think so, otherwise I would not have asked :-)

>> I myself like Java a lot and find it easy to program and develop in, others will have a preference for Python, C#, Delphi or whatever other anguages.
>> You should select a language you are comfortable with and are able to program in.

i> I'm not confortable with any language, it is in the far past I
i> programmed in COBOL, in C, in PHP with MySQL, but I'm open to new
i> experiences to develop a small application with any language fit to
i> the target, to my skills and to FB (for more detailed specs you can see my msg to Helen).

i> Thx and regards,

i> Andrea

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