Subject Re: Developping a litle program with FB
Author it_solves
Thank You for you encyclopedic answer.

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> Your observation is correct: your question is off-topic in this list, which is for Firebird, not application programs.

I know. The problem is that there are lists on specific programming language, but not about choosing the right one for FB for a light and quick development of a very simple application by a low skilled FB and "whatlanguage?" programmer :-)

> You'll need to have an idea of which programming language you want to use. That will determine what development tools and drivers you need to explore.

I think that that's not correct, it is, you should use the language that best matches your requirements and skills.
My application should be small, with few tables and few insert, update, delete, query functions.
I'd like to develop it quickly and simply (maybe GUI for design at least the GUI of the application)
The programming language should work well with FB and possibly be open source, multiplatform and with some consistent programmers basis (to get help and also to grant that after me the sw could not die)

> Definitely start simple but start in the right place. You should prepare for yourself a set of requirements and design your database. Database design is a relevant topic in this list. You can also explore the capabilities of the database engine to perform some operations in stored procedures and triggers.

Thanks, for sure I should start from here (to do a work from scratch), or maybe if I can get there, from the structure of the existing DB, only rewriting the program and the GUI (if the DB is not a mess).

> about the interfaces available for your choice. (At the same time, the interfaces available would influence your language choice, too. The available interfaces are better for some languages than for others.)

Ok. Which are the available interface? It is, where can I start to explore them?

> If you already have an application, why not use the language and tools you have already used?

Because other people used them, not me, and they are closed source.

> If you are really lost for choice, you might like to ask in Firebird-tools, whether someone knows about a "canned" solution that might suit you. I do recommend that you provide more information about the languages you are interested in working with. Come back here for your Firebird questions, by all means.

Thanks very much, you were really kind and helpfull