Subject Re: [firebird-support] Developping a litle program with FB
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:26 PM 19/01/2010, you wrote:
>Sorry if the question is already replied, but I don't have found it and also sorry because I read that "Questions that pertain to the use of third-party client development tools, e.g. Delphi, Java, PHP, Python, ODBC, .NET, etc., are not welcome. There are dedicated lists for these questions.", but I don't know which development tool use for a little program (dog's anagraph).

Your observation is correct: your question is off-topic in this list, which is for Firebird, not application programs.

> I never developed with FB, I know a bit SQL,

You'll need to have a good knowledge of SQL. You can pick up the Language Reference guides from the Documentation at the Firebird website.

>other DB like MySQL and a bit of programming languages.

You'll need to have an idea of which programming language you want to use. That will determine what development tools and drivers you need to explore. Drivers for Firebird are "translation layers" for the Firebird API that is exposed in the Firebird client libraries. Your application layering needs to include a Firebird client library: which one depends on the operating system platform and the connection model you want to use.

>I think that the program should be really simple, it is, it has to manage dog's anagraph, owners and they relationships, vaccinations and dogs identifiers.

Definitely start simple but start in the right place. You should prepare for yourself a set of requirements and design your database. Database design is a relevant topic in this list. You can also explore the capabilities of the database engine to perform some operations in stored procedures and triggers.

At the same time you should be thinking about what language you want to write your applications in. When you have decided that, you can ask questions in the Firebird-tools list about the interfaces available for your choice. (At the same time, the interfaces available would influence your language choice, too. The available interfaces are better for some languages than for others.)

>I'm here to ask what do you think could be better to develop a little program to accomplish such task. Now it is already working with FB 1.5, we'd like to rewrite it with a new interface using the data already recorded and maybe with a newer FB release, which language and which tools do you suggest to use?

If you already have an application, why not use the language and tools you have already used?

>Open Source and cross platform would be the best, but also free as a beer could do the job.

Jaybird is a native JDBC 4 interface for Java. List: Firebird-Java. It is probably the best bet if you need to develop applications for multiple OS platforms.

If C++ is your language, there is IBPP, a fairly complete set of wrappers for the Firebird API. You can google for that and join its forum. The Firebird-php list covers PHP (of course!); there is Firebird-net-provider for dotNet and Mono; there is Firebird-odbc-devel for ODBC. Just not here, please. You can find subscription instructions for all of the lists at

If you are really lost for choice, you might like to ask in Firebird-tools, whether someone knows about a "canned" solution that might suit you. I do recommend that you provide more information about the languages you are interested in working with. Come back here for your Firebird questions, by all means.

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