Subject Re: Developping a litle program with FB
Author it_solves
Thank You very much!

For the good information, but are there something a little less miraculous? :-)
It is, my target isn't to learn programming, but to write a little software that can work in short time and that could be maintained by other, maybe Lazarus isn't the tool best fit for that (maybe not and I'll follow the links you kindly gave me to verify).


--- In, Claudio Romero <clauslack@...> wrote:
> Here you have an simple example with Lazarus /fpc work on Windows and Linux.
> *Lazarus* is a cross platform
> <>visual
> IDE <> which
> provides a Delphi
> <>-mimic
> development environment for
> Pascal<>and
> Object
> Pascal <> developers. It is
> developed for and supported by the Free
> Pascal<>
> compiler <>[update]<>.
> Lazarus is available for several Linux
> <>distributions,
> FreeBSD <>, Microsoft
> Windows<>and Mac
> OS X <>.
> Here you can download Lazarus
> In the forum there more info for access Firebird (SqlDb, ZeosLib, Mercury
> Database Object,etc)
> Regards
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