Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird service stopped automatically
Author John vd Waeter
delphi_xpart wrote:
> I facing problem to connect firebird database, what is happening is, the service is shutting down automatically after a while I restart the service from windows control panel.
> Any idea what is wrong with the server? I am using version FB 2.1.1 18118, I have installed super server. Users are connecting the database from a LAN and from Remote. Total users are 20
> Please help me in this regards.
> Thanks in Advance
> Maidul


As far as I know FB-service doesn't stop by itself.

Some places to look:
1. Firebird.log
2. System eventlog
3. Out of memory (database stats)
4. Bad UDF
5. (Accidently) stopped by (remote) command

Come back with your findings about the above, and I'm sure someone can
shine a light...