Subject Re: Firebird service stopped automatically
Author delphi_xpart
Hi, Thanks for the reply, I have already checked all these things, I did not find anything fishy. What I have done is, I have uninstall the existing version and installed 2.1.3 version, now the server is ok, running fine.

But the reason behind it still unknown to me :(

Thanks everybody
Maidul Islam

--- In, John vd Waeter <john@...> wrote:
> delphi_xpart wrote:
> > I facing problem to connect firebird database, what is happening is, the service is shutting down automatically after a while I restart the service from windows control panel.
> >
> > Any idea what is wrong with the server? I am using version FB 2.1.1 18118, I have installed super server. Users are connecting the database from a LAN and from Remote. Total users are 20
> >
> > Please help me in this regards.
> >
> > Thanks in Advance
> > Maidul
> Hi,
> As far as I know FB-service doesn't stop by itself.
> Some places to look:
> 1. Firebird.log
> 2. System eventlog
> 3. Out of memory (database stats)
> 4. Bad UDF
> 5. (Accidently) stopped by (remote) command
> Come back with your findings about the above, and I'm sure someone can
> shine a light...
> John