Subject RE: [firebird-support].Unavailable database - locally running GBAK problem (Server 2003 update problem)
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:15 PM 11/01/2010, you wrote:
>> Are you able to identify which Windows update introduced this
>> restriction?
>Now sure if this helps, but for me, I found it started happening on
>windows XP when I enabled IIS...

That's an interesting point. I remember I "lost" the IPCServer for Firebird 1.5.4 on Win2k when I installed MS Visual Studio EA v.2003 - ages ago, before we even started to encounter any of these quirks from the Tuesday updates. The "typical" install of that product installed a zillion horrors on my development box...all I actually wanted was the IDE and the C# compiler!!

Although I disabled all the MS stuff I didn't want (including IIS), I never did get the IPCServer back for Fb 1.5 on that box. When I moved on from C# I uninstalled VS 2003 completely but I still didn't get the IPCServer back. For my requirements it didn't matter much at the time and I don't have either that box or Fb 1.5 any more.

Prior to that VS2003 phase I was writing isapi apps and running PWS (a crippled IIS that came with Win2K Pro) on an as-required basis to crash-test them. In that environment, I remember, the IPCServer would lock out irrecoverably whenever an isapi died, requiring nothing short of a reboot to come back to life.