Subject Unavailable database - locally running GBAK problem
Author richpinderiii

(Windows & FB 1.5 & Server 2003)

I noticed that my automated backups, running nightly via the windows 'scheduled task' approach have ceased working. They have worked since 2007, and I'm puzzled why they have stopped. I suspect the 'windows updates' might be the culprit, but not sure.

Only happens running LOCALLY. If I run the gbak from DBWorkbench, it fires off GBAK fine. Everything else on the system is working (all client apps, remote work...)

I just realized this is not JUST a GBAK problem... ISQL and gstat also report same (here's from gstat)

Database file sequence:
File xxxx.fdb is the only file

Database log page information:
Creation date
Log flags: 2
No write ahead log

Next log page: 0

Variable log data:
Control Point 1:
File name:
Partition offset: 0 Seqno: 0 Offset: 0
Control Point 2:
File name:
Partition offset: 0 Seqno: 0 Offset: 0
Current File:
File name:
Partition offset: 0 Seqno: 0 Offset: 0
unavailable database

Error from my GBAK log is:
gbak: ERROR: unavailable database
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
( note... I just checked...and ISQL and GSEC give similar kind of reports - when run interactively on the box !)

The GBAK script file containing the backup command is run nightly as ADMIN, and has not changed since 2008. (below)

The error occurs EVEN if I enter the command interactively, from an shell window while logged in as admin. Same results no matter if I run with full path as below, or when executed from the directory where the binary is located)

The command is (approx) this:
C:\"Program Files"\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin\gbak.exe -b -t -v c:\xx\xxxx\xxxxx.FDB c:\xxx\xxxx\bu\xxxx.BAK -user SYSDBA -password xxxxxxxxxxxx -y c:\xx\xxxx\bu\showme.txt

thanks for any direction you can give

Rich Pinder
USC School of Medicine