Subject Re: [firebird-support] Unavailable database - locally running GBAK problem
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:05 AM 10/01/2010, Rich Pinder wrote:
>(Windows & FB 1.5 & Server 2003)
>I noticed that my automated backups, running nightly via the windows 'scheduled task' approach have ceased working. They have worked since 2007, and I'm puzzled why they have stopped. I suspect the 'windows updates' might be the culprit, but not sure.

Although use of the old IPCServer (FirebirdIPI) that comes with Fb 1.5 is a known problem on Vista, Server2008 and Windows 7 (in short, you can't use it at all) this is the first time (I think) that we have seen this set of symptoms reported for Server2003. So - if nothing else changed in your environment - it's at least feasible that a security update to this OS could now be blocking it, too.

>Only happens running LOCALLY. If I run the gbak from DBWorkbench, it fires off GBAK fine. Everything else on the system is working (all client apps, remote work...)


>I just realized this is not JUST a GBAK problem... ISQL and gstat also report same (here's from gstat)

One thing you could try is the following:

Open firebird.conf in Notepad and go to the parameter IPCName. If this is configured to use the default, it will be:

#IpcName = FirebirdIPI

Remove the '#' comment marker and change this parameter to

IpcName = Global\FirebirdIPI

Note, it is case-sensitive!!

Save the change and stop the Guardian and Firebird services. Restart Guardian (or the Firebird service, if you're not using Guardian).

You're going to get the same result OR Firebird might refuse to start at all OR it will work (in that order of likelihood).

Don't treat this as the ultimate answer - it's a wild guess, based on the Vista experiences with the initial release of Fb 2, which introduced the new implementation of the IPCServer, using XNET. (Subsequent Fb 2.x releases automatically took care of globalizing the new IPCServer's scope.) But please try it and report back. If it works, then we'll have a solution to add to the armory for old Firebird installations that are still hanging around.