Subject FB shutting down with 63 active connections
Author rogerzgiet

I've been facing the "63 active connections crash" with Firebird 2.1 for a long time, trying some workaround solutions I successfully found on this forum. But sometimes my FB server still crashes by the same reason. By studying the situation I realized the following:
- I have two databases running on the same server (FB 2.1 on windows 2003 server);
- I have eleven applications accessing both databases.
So, is it correct to say that each database uses one connection, and as a consequence, each application uses two connections?
If all applications run simultaneously I would have at least 22 connections by the same port, and depending on the number of users connected the number of active connections can easily be very high.

Well, this "63 connection" limitation is due to a Firebird or a Windows 2003 issue?
Does anyone know if a Linux server manages more connections than Windows?

Thank you all,